Technical Data Table for SMR/SMO

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Part Number Description Tech Brief Data Sheet IES Files
11001 SMR 12 x 7 – Narrow Flood TB11001 DS11001 CONTACT CORELED
11001-STAR-E17 SMR Narrow Flood E17 Star Board TB11001SB DS11001SB IES11001SB
11003 SMR 12×7 – Square Flood TB11003 DS11003 IES11003
11003-STAR-E17 SMR Square Flood E17 Star Board TB11003SB DS11003SB IES11003SB
12001 SMO 12×7 Linear Collimator TB12001 DS 12001 Contact CoreLED
12001-STAR-E17 SMO 12×7 Linear Collimator E17 Star Board TB12001SB DS12001SB Contact CoreLED
12002 SMO 10mm Round Bullet Collimator TB12002  DS12002 Contact CoreLED
12002-STAR-E17 SMO 10mm Round Bullet Collimator E17 Star Board TB12002SB DS12002SB IES12002SB
12003 SMO 10mm Round Side Emitter TB12003  DS12003 IES12003
12003-STAR-E17 SMO 10mm Round Side Emitter E17 Star Board TB12003SB DS12003SB IES12003SB
11110 All Metal SMR Linear Type 3 Very Short TB11110 DS11110 IES11110
12021 SMO 50/50 Square Flood TB12021 DS12021 IES12021
Part NumberDescriptionTech BriefData SheetIES Files
11001-STAR-P1616SMR Narrow Flood IR Star BoardTB11001IRSBDS11001IRSBCONTACT CORELED
11003-STAR-P1616SMR Square Flood IR Star BoardTB11003IRSBDS11003IRSB3CONTACT CORELED
111301mm SMR Film CouplerTB11130DS11130CONTACT CORELED
111312mm SMR Film CouplerTB11131DS11131CONTACT CORELED
13020Quad MLA AssemblyTB13020DS13020CONTACT CORELED