Manufacturing Capability

  • Lens Tooling 1 – 8 cavity molds
  • Reduced domestic tooling cost with the use of common tool bases
  • Precision EDM burned optics tooling to +/-0.05mm surface tolerance
  • Precision EDM localized frosted diffusion optic diffusion surfaces
  • Integrated tooling and injection molding facility for expedited tooling modifications.
  • Injection molding partner facility centrally located in the Mid West for optimized delivery logistics and easy of customers attending tooling trials on prototype parts.

Lens Prototypes

  • Single and 2 cavity molds
  • Precession diamond turned “moldless” prototypes

Lens to PCB Assembly

  • Silicone reactive hot melts
  • Mechanical retention rings
  • Heat staking


  • Metal stampings of mechanical lens retention rings
  • Selective lens paint for light blocking
  • Selective lens metallization
  • Selective post molding lens CNC machining for pectized mounting feature

Over 25 Million LEDs will be used in the products that we were involved in the design of this year.