Photometry Lab

Product Characterization and Validation

Radiant Vision Systems Two Axis Goniometer – NFMS Near Field Measurement System, Coupled with Imaging Colorimeter

  • Lens pattern and complete luminaire validation
  • Full histograms for luminance, color and intensity distribution

Everfine YF1000 Lamp Analysis System

  • VPS AC Power Source
  • PF9810 Digital Power Meter
  • WY305 Digital CC&CV DC Power Supply
  • Integrating Spheres
  • 1.0 meter (3 foot diameter) large light engine
  • 0.3 meter (1 foot diameter) small sources

Dedicated photometry lab with 270 square foot darkroom for luminaires and solid state lighting development

Goniometer – NFMS (Near Field Measurement System)

Imaging Colorimeter

1 meter sphere for large source flux measurement