Lens Technical

In the rapidly changing world of LED technology, CoreLed Systems offers various standard lens beam patterns. Through the use of Light Tools optical engineering software CoreLed Systems is able to create an entirely new custom design or adapt a standard beam pattern to the latest LED semiconductor technology. The lens material may be selected for a given application environment or industry and regulator specifications that are to be met.

Beam pattern standard designs, custom matched to customers LED type.

IES Street and Area Lighting

  • Type II S M L
  • Type III S M
  • Type IV S M
  • Type V S M L
  • Flood Lamps

Lens Designs – Other

  • 72 Degree Circular Flood
  • 67 Degree Circular Flood
  • 32 Degree Circular Flood
  • Spot – 12 Degrees
  • Side Emitters